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“In the last year both the Deputy Mayor and I have been privileged to visit both of our twin towns and my family and I have holidayed in some of the beautiful countryside surrounding these towns.  In Traunstein we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our town twinning and in Bondues we discussed our environmental objectives and toured the town in a slightly more informal visit. We have some great relationships across the waters and it is important to enhance our links between our towns. Twinning is a relationship, it starts, it grows and it can flourish.  It helps encourage tourism, helps us experience new cultures and create new and long lasting friendships.  I hope to use the remainder of my term in office to ensure our twinning relationships flourish”.

Alastair McPherson, Former Haywards Heath Mayor, 2020

For over 25 years, Haywards Heath has benefited from long-standing relationships with its Twin Towns, Traunstein and Bondues, including many civic visits, student and community exchanges. These connections play an important role in strengthening relationships between the towns and indeed, nationalities, resulting in long and lasting friendships developing.


Many community organisations, schools and individuals have embraced the spirit of twinning, bringing different communities together and providing opportunities for business, friendships and education. 

Former Haywards Heath Mayor Alastair McPherson (right) seated with former Deputy Mayor Matt Jeffers

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