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For over 30 years, Haywards Heath has benefited from long-standing relationships with its Twin Towns, Traunstein and Bondues, including many civic visits, student and community exchanges. These connections play an important role in strengthening relationships between the towns and indeed, nationalities, resulting in long and lasting friendships developing.


Many community organisations, schools and individuals have embraced the spirit of twinning, bringing different communities together and providing opportunities for business, friendships and education. 

Haywards Heath Mayor, Stephanie Inglesfield travelled to Bondues for the 25th anniversary of Twinning between the two towns.

She said: “I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and generosity of the mayor and the people of Bondues. They could not do enough for us, welcoming us on the steps of the town hall with a brass band and putting on a party for us, they also welcomed us into their homes, shared beautiful meals with us and shared paying our respects to the British fallen during WWII."


Mayor of Bondues, Patrick Delebarre, exchanging gifts with Haywards Heath Mayor, Stephanie Inglesfield

Howard Georgiritt 2023.jpg

Former Mayor of Haywards Heath, Howard Mundin, enjoying the hospitality of the Traunstein Oberbürgermeister, Dr. Christian Hümmer, at the annual Georgiritt -  A procession held on Easter Monday.

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